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Flying is not just a job; it's a lifestyle.
Our aviation training prototypes located at our aviation academy in Lebanon are developed using our extensive expertise in the aviation industry and are reinforced by real world aeronautical experiences. Our integrated global presence enables us to deliver a cutting-edge experience to our participants.
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May 11, 2024

Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport

Airline Transport Pilot License Programs ATPL

About Us

 With over 45 years of international experience, Airways Aviation is today the largest privately owned group of multidisciplinary aviation academies of its kind and delivers professional aviation education and training to prepare our students for optimum career outcomes. Our certified EASA, CASA, ICAO and IATA courses couple the most advanced practical and theory techniques to match the rapidly increasing demand for: Commercial Pilots.
Our Vision

Airways Aviation aims to train, educate, shape, and deliver a new generation of aviation industry professionals as we assert ourselves as the dominant global provider of quality and sustainable aviation education and training.

Our Mission

The Airways Aviation Group will continue to grow and enhance its strategic positioning and world class facilities to provide students and industry partners with training solutions and convenient access to our outstanding resources, equipment, latest technology, and knowhow.
Our management and staff are vigorously committed to expanding our global footprint and presence in a rapid but socially responsible manner as we also optimize individual student career outcomes and further invest into delivering first class Airways Aviation Academy trained professionals into the aviation industry globally.

Our Objective

We seek to create the most innovative global training organization by employing advanced technologies and reinventing traditional methods for a more modern approach while incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning. We focus on educating our students at our flight training academy using the latest techniques while making a positive impact on the communities around us.

Why Become A Pilot

264,000 new pilots will be required in the next decade

There has never been a better time to become a pilot!

Aviators are widely respected around the world.

Aviators are part of an elite and scarce group of professionals. They are widely respected for their achievements all around the world. Aviators are a vital part of the global economy and are responsible for safely delivering goods, services, and passengers every single day. Pilots are driven for various reasons. Many pilots choose to serve their country, others choose to save lives operating as first responders, and many choose careers with major commercial airlines to ensure safe travel between locations around the world.

A profession matching passion with the pursuit of excellence

Passion is found in the pursuit of excellence. Truly passionate individuals exceed excellence in their journey as pilots. It is a common dream that young children have to become pilots. When you have dreamt of taking control of an airplane since being a child, what better way is there to live your passion for flight every day than in the cockpit of an airliner? Pilots exhibit passion for adventure and exploration.

Travel the world with your office in the sky

Make your office in the sky.

Whether it is your first solo flight or your twentieth year of intercontinental flying, nothing will ever surpass or lessen the magic of going to work each day at 20,000 feet or cruising in your "office" at 340 knots. As a pilot, you get to indulge in working from the most beautiful cities to the most majestic of skies the world can provide.

Becoming a pilot is a great way to discover new places and travel the world. Take off in one city, land in another, and explore new countries and cultures. Follow the global journeys of recent Airways Aviation graduates on Instagram @airwaysaviationlb & @airwaysaviation.

4 Easy Stages

online/in class training

Start your training today from the comfort of your own home online, or you can join our in-person training at one of our sites.

flight training

Your firsthand flight training commences with a highly qualified instructor with years of experience in which you will obtain a first class international airspace education.

build your hours

Construct your own “fly time”. Participate in the aeronautical industry by constructing your own schedule and flying above the most scenic countries in the world.

atpl / cpl

You will be trained with highly experienced instructors on multi engine aircrafts to get your frozen ATPL and Commercial Pilot License so you can start your aviation career as a professional pilot.

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