About Us & Our Mission

About Us

With over 45 years of international experience, Airways Aviation is today the largest privately owned group of multidisciplinary aviation academies of its kind, delivering professional aviation education & preparing students for optimum career outcomes. Our certified EASACASAICAO and IATA courses couple the most advanced practical & theoretical training techniques to match the rapidly increasing demand for Commercial Pilots.

Owned by Intercontinental Aviation Enterprises, the Airways Aviation Academy in Beirut, Lebanon, provides extensive flight and pilot training. Our academy blends traditional methods with the latest advancements in training, aiming to cultivate a new generation of aviation enthusiasts. Beyond educating our students with cutting-edge techniques, we are also committed to positively impacting the communities in which we live, work, and engage.

Our Vision

Airways Aviation is dedicated to training and educating a new generation of aviation professionals. We strive to be a leading global provider of high-quality, sustainable aviation education and training, shaping the future of the industry.

Airways Aviation is committed to becoming a top global aviation training organization. We aim to boost economic growth and skill development in aeronautics, contributing to the expanding worldwide aviation network. Our focus is on fostering new career opportunities and supporting international trade and tourism.

Our Mission

The Airways Aviation Group is committed to ongoing growth and enhancement of its strategic positioning and world-class facilities. This will enable us to offer students and industry partners advanced training solutions, convenient access to our exceptional resources, state-of-the-art equipment, latest technology, and expert know-how.

Our management and staff are vigorously committed to expanding our global footprint and presence in a rapid, yet socially responsible manner. We also focus on optimizing individual student career outcomes and further invest in delivering first-class, Airways Aviation-trained professionals into the global aviation industry. Airways Aviation's mission is to meet today's high demand for pilots and strengthen the pillars of modern aviation education through a safe and enjoyable learning experience. At our aviation training academy, we aim to connect the international community with the elite, worldwide group of pilots.

Our Leaders & TEAM

Our Team

Dedicated Aviation Professionals
The Airways Aviation team consists of a wide variety of proficient industry veterans with decades of experience whose primary goal is to ensure that our students enjoy an exceptional learning experience, delivered in an exuberant and safe environment at our flight school.

Our training portfolio ranges from base solutions through highly complex flight and tactics simulators to turnkey training centers.
We work with industry experts who are constantly innovating both the environment and the aviation pedagogy. Not only is our team prepared to impart new concepts and knowledge, they also venture to ease our students’ experiences and assist them in any way they can.

Come shape the future of aviation with us and leap from our classrooms to the runways of the world!
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