EASA-CASA ATPL Modular Course

Beirut Lebanon & Montpellier France


116 Weeks

Our EASA Modular Course is designed to take you from no aviation experience (ab initio)to a qualified commercial pilot with a ‘frozen’ Airline Transport Pilot License(ATPL). Upon graduation, you will be ready to begin your new career.

We offer EASA accredited pilot training at our specially designed academy headquarters at ​​Montpellier Méditerranée Airport. The course syllabus has been created in consultation with leading airlines and covers the rigorous technical requirements of pilot training. Trainees will also experience personal and professional growth at every stage of the process.

Our modern facilities are devised to offer everything needed for great achievements and an outstanding training experience.

  • EASA Foundation Course
  • Private Pilot License
  • Structured Hours Building
  • EASA fATPL Ground School
  • 17 years old (18 at the date of the CPL Skill test)
  • Pass the Foundation Course & the Compass Test
  • At least be a High School graduate or equivalent
  • Successful completion of English, Math and Science is desirable
  • Have a good command in English
  • Hold an EASA &/or ICAO Class 1 medical without restrictions
  • Successfully Pass Airways Aviation entrance evaluation exam

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Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities

Commercial pilots, including Airline, Charter, Cargo, Corporate, and more, are skilled professionals responsible for safely operating aircraft for diverse purposes. From transporting passengers worldwide to providing specialized services like firefighting or crop dusting, they play vital roles across various industries. With opportunities spanning traditional and niche sectors of aviation, commercial pilots have diverse career paths to explore including Flight Instructors, Flight Test Pilots, Air Ambulance Pilots, and Agricultural Pilots.

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