Elite Cadet Program

Beirut Lebanon & Montpellier France


120 Weeks

Airways Aviation Academy proudly presents the Elite Cadet Program “ECP” to the community. Since our EASA and CASA programs in Lebanon and the MENA region have shown significant success, we have further developed ECP to accommodate cadets.

ECP is the first hybrid and elite cadet program in the world that allows you to hold 2 licenses upon graduation; the acclaimed European EASA or the Australian CASA fATPL CPL/ME-IR License and the International ICAO CPL/ME-IR License.

Yes, you read that right!!!

In order to further benefit individuals seeking to become pilots, our program offers student pilots the EASA - CASA, and the ICAO License for the fraction of the cost. The training program is only 25 months long.

Airways Aviation Lebanon managed by IAO guarantees the best quality of training on a very high standard. In the airline business, Airways Aviation aims to preserve a strong and healthy relationship with the world’s leading airline companies. Therefore, our company assists our graduates to get the job they want with our familial airlines.

Our course is divided into 2 major phases; the first phase takes place in Lebanon for a duration of 22 months, and the second phase occurs in France for a duration of 6 months.

Schedule a meeting with our administration department in order to receive any further information or assistance.

  • EASA Foundation Course
  • Private Pilot License
  • Aviation Management Courses
  • Structured Hours Building
  • EASA ATPL Ground School
  • 17 years old (18 at the date of the CPL Skill test)
  • Pass The Foundation Course/ Compass Test
  • At least be a High School graduate or equivalent
  • Successful completion of English, Maths and Science is desirable
  • Have a good command in English
  • Hold an EASA &/or ICAO Class 1 medical without restrictions
  • Successfully Pass Airways Aviation entrance evaluation exam

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Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities

Commercial pilots are trained professionals entrusted with the safe operation of aircraft for various purposes. From transporting passengers and cargo across the globe to providing specialized services like aerial firefighting or crop dusting, commercial pilots play crucial roles in diverse industries. With a range of career paths available, commercial pilots have the opportunity to explore dynamic roles in both traditional and niche sectors of aviation.

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