I have always wanted to be a pilot since I was a little kid, and I thought that wasn’t possible here in Lebanon. However, that changed with Airways Aviation Lebanon.
My name is Aljawaad Riad Ismail. I joined Airways Aviation Lebanon in order to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot. First, I finished my Foundation Course which was a blast. Not only was it fun and joyful, but it was full of information which I will see and need if I want to be a professional pilot. The instructor, Captain Armen Der Bedrossian, was brilliant, friendly, easy going, but at the same time professional and strict. In general, the atmosphere is great and calm and a joy to be involved in. What also made me admire this academy is that it’s the in great hands of Captain Wissam Mehyou. He is sharp, professional, but at the same time friendly and understanding. All in all, the first phase of my training which was the Foundation Course was great. All that you need to do is study hard, take it seriously, and most importantly be respectful.
Now I’m in the phase of doing my PPL (Private Pilot License).Unfortunately, I had a rough time at the beginning because of the unstable situation the country is going through, but rest assure that our safety is the academy’s number one priority in any and every situation, which is a necessity for anyone really. They do everything according to the law, no shortcuts, no loopholes, or anything like that. The flight schedule is pretty flexible but not constant for many variables which is out of their hands including weather, protests, maintenance, COVID, etc... However, they do their best so that our schedules suit us as much as they can. The flight instructor, Captain Elias Scheib, is a great chill person that wants us to follow his instructions to deliver the best students and the most professional ones.
I hope to finish my PPL soon because I’m super excited to start my ATPL. Overall, it’s a brilliant academy that offers multiple options including getting your EASA Commercial Pilot License. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with them.  

AlJawad AlIsmail

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