"Recuperar Suas Asas"

"Recuperar Suas Asas" Or "Recover Your Wings"


As aviators, it is easy to feel as if these days have cut off our wings.

It is easy to feel like the time has come to hang our pilot bars and give up.

It is easy to blame the world for wasting our energies, our efforts, and our dreams.

As aviators, it is hard to believe that the dreams we had once built into a reality are still as strong as they had ever been.

Airports in lockdown, flight schools closing, and planes tied down are the harsh reality of the world today.

This is where we come in.

We look at that harsh reality but see the beacon of hope at the end of it. We see the clear blue skies just beyond where the clouds end.

We want you to see it with us.

For those who haven't started following their dreams off light, the time is now.

For those whose dreams have been cut short, we call to you from the summits of the Serra de Estrela to the warm beaches of Lisboa to tell you this,

Recuperar Suas Asas.

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Wissam Choufani
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