Structured Hours Building

Beirut, Lebanon

Part Time

28 Weeks

The next step in a pilot’s journey at our aviation academies continues with structuring their hours.

Novel pilots who have completed their Private Pilot License and are looking to undertake a Commercial Pilot License will need to have completed a minimum of 154hours flight time. Our Structured Hours Building Module ensures students obtain the flight time they require while also gaining additional skills and experience in airline based competencies.

Course Structure:

During your Structured Hours Building you will typically complete:

·        124 hours flying time (to reach a minimum of 154 hours prior to CPL training) in our Diamond DA40

·        1 in 20 hours check-ride with our instructors, with a total of approximately 5hours

In addition, you will also undertake competency based assessments in:

·        Leadership and Management Skills

·        Teamwork

·        Decision Making

·        Situational Awareness

Entry Requirements:

·        Must be at least 18 years old

·        EASA Private Pilot License

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Career Opportunities

After the successful completion of the hours, our cadets will be able to proceed with the EASA ATPL.


Career Opportunities

Our tailored curriculum has been developed by industry professionals to provide a meaningful introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of aviation. You will gain the theoretical knowledge required to progress, with confidence, to full flight training at one of our Pilot Training Academies.

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