Multi-Engine Instrument Rating

Montpellier, France

Full Time

8 Weeks

The purpose of our EASA Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) course is to give you the skills and experience needed to make approaches in poor weather and fly in Class A airspace. This course is typically one of the final elements in commercial flight training.

Training occurs in our state of the art FNPT II DA42simulator. Once the required skill level is achieved, the pilot will progress onto our DA42 aircraft, equipped with a Garmin G1000 Glass cockpit to fly IFR routes and make instrument approaches into some of the largest regional and international airports in France.

Course Structure

A minimum of 55 hours of flying must be completed (for non multi-engine CPL holders) or 45 hours(for multi-engine CPL holders) which includes a mixture of dual, single, and multi-engine flight training. Exact training hours will depend on previous flying experience.

Training Aircraft:

  • Cessna     152 & 172
  • Tecnam     P2010
  • Diamond     DA40
  • Diamond     DA42
  • FNPT-II     DA42 Simulator


·        Must be at least 18 years old

·        Hold an EASA Class 1 Medical

·        Hold a valid ICAO or EASA PPL

·        Have Passed all EASA theoretical knowledge ground examinations to ATPL or CPL Level

·        Have completed 200 hours flight time as a pilot (100 hours as pilot in command)

·        Have flown 300nm cross country, with two landings at aerodromes different to that of departure

·        Have completed his BIFM (Basic Instrument Flying Module)

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Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities

After graduation and successfully completing your license, with the EASA license you can apply to airline jobs in Europe, Middle East, the Gulf area and even some parts of Africa.

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