Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Beirut Lebanon & Montpellier France

Full Time

50 Weeks


The Aircraft Maintenance Training begins at Airways Aviation Lebanon with an Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level (with an option for cell system or avionic).
Students may also follow an Aircraft Maintenance HND to acquire the skills of Senior Aircraft Maintenance Technician. Other training programs deliver more qualifications as the Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Licensing or the Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention and give Technicians the opportunity to gain responsibilities in their daily work.

Airways Aviation Lebanon is a Vocational Training Center dedicated to Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level. Students can choose between an apprenticeship or an initial program. By choosing an apprenticeship, students have to find a company where they will work 5 weeks alternated with a 5 months of course at our Academy.

At Airways Aviation Lebanon courses are completed by practical exercises realized within the workshop where students put in practice the technical documentation use, the pieces standard exchange, tests and settings, control and repair.

At the end of your Professional A-Level, you will have various opportunities:

  • Work in an aircraft maintenance workshop
  • Continue your studies in Aircraft Maintenance Complementary Mention (B1.1 or B2), as apprentice only, with the aim to validate the Part 66 License after 3 years of experience.

The Aircraft Maintenance Professional A-Level lasts two years, alternating between courses at our academy and training sessions at a company.

The courses delivered by national education teachers to students are the following:

·        Mathematics

·        Physical Sciences

·        History and Geography

·        Economy and Management

·        French

·        English

·        Artistic Education

·        Sport

Supplemented by aviation applied courses:

·        Sciences and Industrial Techniques

·        Cell Systems

·        Turbo Machinery

·        Helicopters

·        Flight Mechanic

·        On-board Instruments

·        Piston Engine

.        Radio Navigation

  • English Speaking
  • 18 years or over
  • Bac or similar level
  • Tidy presentation

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Career Opportunities

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

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